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Restaurante Rana Roja

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Restaurante Rana Roja is one of the best and safest restaurants in La Fortuna de San Carlos. No matter how many restaurants you have visited before; as you step in this one, you will realize that you have come to stay. That is, it is destined to become your favorite spot. The foods are typically Costa Rican yet suitable for the travelers as well. They are sold at more affordable prices than you can imagine. As you are around this area, pay it a visit and keep the memorable time.


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Located near the Poas volcano in the mountains, Chubascos is a very beautiful and big restaurant. Given the size, it can hold so many clients. So, you can go with your partner, family, friends, colleagues, and more; you won’t lack a seat. Yet, since it is a popular restaurant due to its tasty and affordable meals, you do need to make a reservation. The spot is arguably the best restaurant you can ever visit in Alajuela, Costa Rica.


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El Novillo del Arenal

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Located near the Tabacon Hot Spring hotel, El Novillo del Arenal provides locals and travelers with excellent foods at unbeatable prices. If you were to compare it with other restaurants in the area, you would label it cheaper than them. Yet, it offers the best dishes in the area. So why suffer when you could savor flavorful foods without breaking your pocket? With that being said, the next time you are around La Fortuna de San Carlos, look no further; the restaurant is right there for you. Given its large space, the restaurant can hold a lot of people. So, you can go with as many of your relatives as possible. You need to make a reservation, though.


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