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Taco Joint


” Best taco place ever, great food and service”…… Guest

Speaking of the cheaper options and the faster service, Taco Joint obviously stands out amongst other restaurants in this category as you’re paying a low price for a high-quality food.

And if you are a Mexican or Latin food lover and a Taco addict, you better don’t think twice to go visit them.


The place is mainly offering Central American, Mexican and Latin food.

But they are so well known for their Tacos and Burritos.

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Café Tico Tamarindo


” One of my beloved stops for breakfast, excellent food, and outstanding atmosphere “…… Guest

We always look for a great start to our day and what better place than Cafe Tico Tamarindo, It’s gonna be one of the first options to jump in your mind when you look for a delicious breakfast in an outstanding café.


The café offers American and Costa Rican food options and drinks, coffee, smoothies, etc.

They’re vegetarian-friendly and provide vegan options as well as gluten-free meals.

They serve lunch, dinner, and brunch as long as your favorite drinks.

And about the ingredients, they use a selection of gourmet coffee from small coffee farmers, honey, jams and hot sauce made in Costa Rica. Thay also home-made bread and pastries, all the milk yogurt, butter and cheese that they use are from local farmers. Continue reading “Café Tico Tamarindo”

Abboccato Restaurant

If you’re visiting Playa Panama in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, you should visit the ”Abboccato” restaurant. It is situated near the ”Playa Hermasa”, ”BA Drivers” and ”Tio Leo coffee tours”. You will get unforgettable and elegant experience as the service, in distinguished environment on the best view of ”Golfo Papagayo”. Their goal is to convey a sense of satisfaction on the client with a gastronomic journey of high level.  Continue reading “Abboccato Restaurant”

La Esquina de Buenos Aires

If you want to feel a bit of Buenos Aires in Costa Rica, you should visit the ”La Esquina de Buenos Aires” located in the downtown in front of the hotel ”Colonial” in San Jose. It’s situated nearby the National theater, Gold museum, ”Jade” museum and National museum. The restaurant gives you a feeling that you will never forget.  Continue reading “La Esquina de Buenos Aires”

El Avion

‘A good place for the family” – Guest 

 If you’re looking for a nice location, amazing view and deliciously delightful food, you should visit the ”El Avion” restaurant in Manuel Antonio, province of Puntarenas. It’s located nearby ”Espadilla Norte”, ”La Playita” and a ”La Selvita” National park. It’s the restaurant built around the plane. The giant plane which is protruding out of the restaurant will amaze you, especially if you are visiting with kids which are fascinated with the plane. Continue reading “El Avion”

La Luz restaurant & bar

This beautifully appointed restaurant is owned by ”Alta” hotel, situated in Escazu, the province of San Jose. It’s located nearby Multiplaza mall, gym and Zoo. You will be amazed by the decor which transforms you to another place completely. The hotel was opened with an idea to be a boutique hotel & restaurant which will be known for its excellent service and food.   Continue reading “La Luz restaurant & bar”

Naans & Curries Pinares

This traditional Indian restaurant is situated in the province of San Jose, Curridabat. Naans & Curries Pinares is located in a modern mall type building with other bars and restaurants, but it’s special because only there you can eat traditional Indian food while staying in Costa Rica. The owners took an inspiration from an age-old approach to dining. It was opened by an entrepreneur from India who felt in love with Costa Rica, but he and his family missed Indian food. It’s located in a very quiet environment nearby the Costa Rician language academy and Costa Rica university. Continue reading “Naans & Curries Pinares”

The green restaurant

The Green restaurant is located in Santa Elena, Monteverde, Costa Rica. It is situated on the second floor of the Monteverde Plaza. The owners, which are the servers at the same time, started the restaurant with the simple idea of offering excellent food with natural ingredients which are grown in their own garden and are threaten with much love. If they do not have some of the ingredients, they buy them from local and trusted producers, so their guests can enjoy fresh, healthy and home-made food. They are located near the Monteverde Orchid garden, Butterfly garden, Frog pond and the Bat jungle. Continue reading “The green restaurant”




Costa Rica is a gastronomical Paradise. The country’s unspoiled jungles and vast ocean produce an exotic and fresh flavors. The fusion of their local tradition and modern style of cooking is a pleasure in your appetite. The combination of their old aged recipes and modern aesthetic of cooking brings ecstatic delight to every cuisine. Continue reading “PRODUCT C”