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Reasons Costa Rica Offers the Best Raw Veganism

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While Costa Rica does offer rice and beans as part of its raw veganism, the country has more to offer for vegan travelers. It is true that you can order some veggies from local sodas. But you can have more. To prove this point, I bring you the following reasons worthy of your consideration:


Try Costa Rica’s Veggies

Every province you visit does offer the vegetables. The country’s veggie varieties are mind-boggling. Yet, the locals do not understand this. They still view Costa Rica as a country with a wide range of meaty foods.

Like mentioned above, you can order the veggies and be surprised by a large plate of rice and beans; the country offers other kinds of vegetables: vegetarians can ask for such a plate accompanied by fried cheese and eggs; the vegans can order fried plantains served with cabbage salad. If these dishes are not enough, you can still go on to order Gallo pinto, veggies, con huevos, and cheese.


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