Three Best Costa Rican Appetizers for Travelers from USA

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Costa Rica is not only famous for great desserts, drinks, and Casados; it is also famous for its great appetizers making the food enthusiasts ready for their favorite dishes—after all, what importance does the main course have unless the stomach is prepared to receive it? This alone makes the idea of appetizers a must for all eaters, whether it be a veggie or meat eater. Most of the happy clients who frequent Costa Rica’s restaurants do so partly because they are offered a wonderful appetizer; they are not just given their main entrées. So, getting an amazing starter even before you order your favorite dish is a great deal, not to mention when you get an appetizer generously served; it can kill your hunger immediately.

Today, I am looking at the best appetizers that Costa Rica offers to its food enthusiasts, including the American travelers. As you visit the country, you need to ask for the following starters:


Costa Rican Garlic Fried Yucca

This is one of the best Costa Rican appetizers that you ever taste as you visit the country. You cannot miss it; every province offers it: you can get it in every restaurant that you enter.

This starchy root veggie, the yucca, looks like potatoes. Thanks to the garlic sauce used, the appetizer offers the best texture; you will love it so much so that you might ask for more. This is why it is called ‘appetizer’.


Costa Rican Ceviche

Despite its past lack of popularity making the appetizer only found by smart travelers, the Costa Rican ceviche has recently been accepted and loved by many food enthusiasts across the country; now almost every restaurant specializes in the ceviche. As result, many Americans have been raving about this appetizer; there is no room for a doubt: you will love it as well.


Costa Rican Patacones

Simply prepared with salt and oil, the mouth-watering patacones will prepare you for your next favorite dish. All you need to do is ask for it if you love this appetizer.

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