Three Best Costa Rican Breakfasts for Travelers from USA

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Aside from its delicious desserts, drinks, and Casados, Costa Rica is well known for its amazing breakfasts. When it comes to foods, it is among the best countries offering delicious meals. Today, we are going to look at some of the best Costa Rican breakfasts that you should never miss out on as you travel through the country.


Gallo pinto

Le us start by looking at Gallo pinto. This breakfast is the main first meal of the country. No matter where you go; you see every restaurant serving it partly in varied versions. But one thing is sure: no matter how different the versions might seem; all of them will have you rave about their delicacies.

Concerning the ingredients, Gallo pinto is prepared with both optional and traditional ingredients such as butter, garlic, chopped onions, chopped bacon, cooked rice, salt, as well as salsa. After the gourmet finishes performing his magic, he puts in cilantro, which contributes to its great texture.


Chipottle Eggs Benedict

This breakfast is very fresh and energetic. You need it at the daybreak to fuel you with energy. Most of travelers who visit the country love Chipottle. If you are going to or already are in Costa Rica, you must not miss out on this one.

As for the recipe, the breakfast is prepared with the following ingredients: the first and most obvious of all is eggs; the second ingredient is the home-made tortillas. There are many more ingredients added to the mix; this all depends on the gourmet. Some put in lemon juice followed by chipottle chiles together with its sauce (the chipotle hollandaise sauce). When it is finished, the gourmet assembles the Chipottle Eggs Benedict, which is a delight for the clients.


Breakfast Burrito

Another Costa Rican breakfast you cannot miss out on is burrito; every client enjoys it and recommends it to even more visitors. This breakfast alongside others sets Costa Rica as the main destination for travelers from the US.

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