Top 5 Restaurants to Eat in Costa Rica on Christmas Day

Christmas Eve or Day is full of celebration and its high time to choose the perfect location. It is the high season and you will mostly find crowd everywhere all day and it is better to make a reservation earlier. There are a lot of restaurants serving traditional menus. You will also find some of those also offer International dishes. Here goes top 5 restaurants in Costa Rica that you might can choose for enjoying Christmas eve or day:

Barceló San José Palacio Restaurant:

At this restaurant Christmas dinner takes place on Dec. 24 and it starts at 6:30 p.m. It offers a menu including a wide variety of dishes to choose from. You can enjoy lobster biscuit in whiskey, gourmet filet of trout, pork shank with plums, roast chicken leg with orange, chicken breast stuffed with spinach and cheese, filet mignon in port wine, roasted sweet potato, mushroom skewers, vegetable fettucini and many more. For dessert you can enjoy creme Catalan, stuffed grapes, chocolate chips cookies, Parisian glass of fruit with syrup, a kiwi and mango frozen shot, pistachio tiramisú and many more. You can also get delighted by taking a piece of traditional Christmas cake.

Call: +506 2220 2034

El Patio Restaurant:

This restaurant is situated in the center of San San José, Costa Rica. It is a part of Balmoral Hotel. It serves wide selection of authentic Costa Rican dishes as well as International menus. It is a perfect place for celebrating Christmas with your loved ones. You can enjoy a variety of dishes on Dec. 24-25. On these days, this restaurant will serve a selection of cold meats, potato salad, salad, mini vegetables prepared in wine,  cranberry sauce, roasted pork, rice, chicken breast with mushroom sauce, stuffed tomato with ‘palmito’ and smashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows. For dessert you will enjoy ‘Brazo de Gitano’ and the meals also include two glasses of wine.

Call: +506-2222-5022

Grano de Oro:

Grano de Oro is considered as one of the finest restaurants in Costa Rica. This restaurants usually remains open from 7am to 10pm and it is a nice great place to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. In this high season, throughout December this restaurant is offering a special menu including an appetizer, main course and dessert. For appetizer you can choose from parsley pesto, thinly sliced pig trotter, lemon vinaigrette and wasabi salad, slow braised, shredded suckling pig, roasted artichoke and cilantro jus and grilled squash. It offers blood sausage, slow roasted suckling pig, squash gratin, salt-crusted vegetables, swiss chard and suckling pig jus,  brown butter roasted smoked Congrio and wild mushrooms for main course. It also offers a wide selection of dessert menu. This hotel is set within the open courtyard and offers pleasant atmosphere moreover you will find it is elegantly decorated for the Christmas celebration. In its dishes you will notice both Costa Rican and European influence.

Call: (506) 2255-3322

Mangroove Hotel Restaurant Makoko:

El Mangrooveʼs main restaurant Makoko will offer Christmas dinner on Dec. 24. You will enjoy delicious dishes alongside beach scenery of the Pacific Coast.  If you are visiting this hotel with your family, you will love the family-style meal offered by the restaurant. For starter you can enjoy a green leafy salad prepared with grapes, dried cranberry, brioche croutons, red onion and Parmesan cheese and raspberry dressing makes the salad more refreshing and mouthwatering. You can also try artichoke gratin with coriander sauce. Main course menu includes roast turkey with roasted gravy and the turkey is stuffed with pecan and corn bread. It is served with green beans, orange-cranberry sauce, mushrooms and caramelized pumpkin. They also serve pork tenderloin with spiced grape sauce along with smashed potatoes, ñampí, bacon and swiss chard. You will also get a glass of wine with you dinner.

Call: +506 2291-7750

Marriott Hotel Restaurant:

You can also visit La Ribera de Belén in Alajuela for enjoying amazing Christmas dinner on Dec. 24. For appetizer you can enjoy soup with chives and bacon and for the main course you can choose from  stuffed chicken with mushrooms, salmon fillet glazed with tamarind and pineapple sauce with chives, ossobucco meat cooked in a wine sauce and radiccio and bacon with a creamy Jamaica flower sauce. You can try smashed sweet potatoes with herbs and crispy onions, penne pasta with cheese and cheddar, dried herbed pork rinds, crispy onion, green beans with cranberries and almonds as a side dish.

They also serve grilled ribeye with pepper and herbs, stuffed turkey with cranberry sauce and gravy, chimichurri aioli, radish cream and herbed bread in dinner menu. For dessert you can try their  raspberry cream Genoese,  chocolate bourbon, tronco navideño, a Baviera plum pie, ginger and raspberry pie and apple pie with orange sauce.

Call: 2298-0207 or 2298-0206.

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