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Based in Cahuita, Villa Amapola is a restaurant excelling in Spanish dishes. It also offers French foods. So, if you are interested in any of those plates, Villa Amapola can satisfy your desires. The food can be best enjoyed with family and friends.


Foods at Villa Amapola

The Spanish food comprises of sausage, holefish, paella. The food is cooked to give you a wonderful experience. There are additional flavors added to the food, which are so appetizing. These exceptional flavors are out of this world; the seafood is wonderfully cooked in an open kitchen; it is served nicely. For you not to miss out on your favorite food, you need to contact the owner in advance, so that he can know you are coming; he bases his menu on the reservations received. Because the owner loves what he does, this place is the main go-to restaurant in the area.
Plus, you will love the Spanish dinner and the lovely desserts.


Services at Villa Amapola

The waiters and the owners deliver great services. They are kind, helpful and attentive to their clients. Because of the wonderful treat of the owner, no matter how far from the restaurant you live; you might need to go extra miles just to dine with him, thanks to his excellent cuisine.


The restaurant has great atmosphere. It is also romantic, which means it is suitable for you to take your partner with you. This beautiful, small restaurant is in natural areas with stunning landscape; there is a beautiful garden at which you can choose to be served, while you enjoy the breeze. Otherwise, wherever you choose to be, you will be delighted with the view of the garden. You will also love viewing the beautiful, open kitchen.



Phone number: 00 506 8889 0038
Address: Comadre 506, Cahuita, Costa Rica

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