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Xandari Resort & Spa Restaurant is such a beautiful spot located in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Aside from its excellent lodging services, it offers quality breakfast, lunch, and dinner at unbeatable prices. Blending Costa Rican with international cuisine is one of the reasons why the food is suitable for both locals and travelers. Since it easily gets crowded, you’d better make a reservation.


Foods at Xandari Resort & Spa Restaurant

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The menu offers salads, eggplant, homemade granola bars, apple tart, chocolate pudding, cheese, juices, meat, and much more. All the foods are unbeatable and served in large portions to satisfy your hunger.

You can start with the homemade granola bars. This is fresh and yummy. Then, you can order the eggplant. It will whet your appetite; you will be ready for more foods from the extensive menu.

After ordering your favorite dishes, you can end your meal with the chocolate pudding. You can also consider ordering the cocktails.


Services at Xandari Resort & Spa Restaurant

The staff is very professional. They welcome every client with a smile. After providing their menu, the staff helps the clients choose their food. Their help is necessary given that the clients have a hard time choosing the best dishes; every dish is tasty. Upon their orders, the food is brought in no time. On the spot’s Wi-Fi, the clients can surf the Internet as much as they want. They can check their emails without any gripe at all. What’s more, the staff also provides massage for the clients by the poolside. They also offer walking trails. During their stay, the clients can take some rafting excursions.



This place looks amazing. It has clean and spacious rooms. The open-air restaurant has a peaceful setting. The clients can seat on the terrace and enjoy their cocktails. With the site’s beautiful trails and flora, the clients take a great delight in watching the birds.



Open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Phone number: 00 506 2443 2020


Northwest Of El Diamante Bar 1 km, Alajuela 20101, Costa Rica

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